The Journal of New Frontiers in Spatial Concepts: Sociohistorical, Sociotechnical and Transcultural Analysis is an interdisciplinary publication platform for scientists of humanities, social, cultural and technical sciences.

The Journal provides a forum to overcome the artificial and risk-prone confrontation between Technology and Culture – following the numerously cited metaphor of the contradicting “two cultures” (C.P. Snow).

This Journal follows an interdisciplinary approach, and its articles analyse socio-technical spaces in their socio-political, socio-cultural and socio-economic context. Readers are invited to download all published papers from the Journal’s internet platform, and leave their comments about every article there.

Journal of New Frontiers in Spatial Concepts is an official journal of the Karlsruhe University Press (now KIT Scientific Publishing). It electronically publishes high-quality articles after peer-reviewing by an international editorial board and offers an open access to all interested readers. It will thus ensure the widest possible dissemination worldwide.

The journal offers the following advantages:

  • Free access: all papers can be downloaded by everybody in the world. We understand research as a public good.
  • Fast publication: we guarantee a review and fast publication with maximum of 8 weeks.
  • Broad dissemination: all articles will be indexed by major databases and can also be found through search engines like Google.
  • Internationally visible research: free access of the articles gives high visibility to the authors with a higher chance to get cited.
  • Long-term preservation: the journal is hosted by the Karlsruhe University Press (now KIT Scientific Publishing) which is stationed at the central library of the university (now Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT). Thus the journal falls under the preservation scope of a major research institution.
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