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Foto - Topic Posthuman AgeFor many, after the era of a so-called post-modern age, that of a posthuman one seems to have emerged. Due to an ever-increasing entanglement of the human domain with various fields of the technological, for those who postulate that post-human era an entirely new epoch of history has begun. It is conceived as an epoch marked by an encompassing integration of the human and the technological and through that, leading not just to a new historical epoch to be added to all those others already passed by but to a new kind of history – the posthuman. It is conceived as the time after man; when man, in being just man, has ceased to exist and is about to turn into something (or somebody) different. A time that is thought to have already begun, and the fact that “posthuman age” could become a technical term reflects the overall conception of our contemporaneous conditions of life. It indicates that we even left the “technotope” (Ropohl), the coining figure for characterizing such conditions up to now, and are on the move towards conditions of a different quality; and thus, towards a new kind of history as such. The aim of this topic is to examine what this could mean, for us as well as for the spaces we live in, us being the inhabitants of the new age coming up the horizon. We invite to participate in the examination, in developing different perspectives on a not only fascinating but first and foremost important topic.

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