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In this topic, we want to investigate relevant aspects of a lead metaphor of recent times, namely the network, or shorter, The Net. It became a matter of Zeitgeist in recent years to be “connected” as a central mode not only of existence but of defining ones’ Self, and to be a good networker and part of networks evolved into a kind of myth and at the same time, into a social necessity. What it’s all about with that? What it actually means for a human condition to live in a mode of permanent connectedness, not only with regard to new forms of sociality emerging but moreover, for our very conception of ‘the world’, and first and foremost, what we conceive as the world of relevance? Became a situation of not being connected identical with being irrelevant?

Besides human conditionings, the matter of space and of the spatial in general gains new attention. Modernity, we heard, is associated with a loss of space, and with the creation of various “non-spaces” assigned to it (to cite Augé). But what’s about space, in particular social space, when everything is connected? Are there new forms of spatiality coming up, alongside with new forms of the social? Next to questions about their evolution, the one about the old spaces arises, those spaces which made up (before The Net) our relevant world, and hence, our very self-understanding. What happened with them? In which ways they are becoming transformed today, into so-called hybrid spaces, and what this again means for our basic conceptions of our selves and the others?

These are some of the questions and perspectives to be addressed in this topic:

  • Hyper spaces and hyped spaces: Is there other life than hybrid?
  • Private spaces – yesterday’s privilege?
  • Can networks be social?
  • Communicated spaces: Has there been a pictorial turn?
  • Communicating spaces: virtuality takes command?
  • How spatial is the digital world?

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