Vorurteile und Fakten: Frauen und Technik

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Renate Dürr Institut für Philosophie, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie,
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Naturally, there is a difference between men and women. But there is no masculine or feminine technology and no genuinely masculine or feminine approach to technology. What we do have are attributions, that is, ascriptions of different ways in which men and women view and use technology, and judgments that reflect how technical or technological developments are perceived by majorities of men and women, and the extent to which such attributions and judgments influence the lives of members of those groups and play a role in everyday life.


Household appliance, Differences, Comte’s stages


Renate Dürr “Vorurteile und Fakten: Frauen und Technik,” Journal of New Frontiers in Spatial Concepts, ISSN 1868-6648, vol. 6 (2014), 70 – 73, Article ID http://ejournal.uvka.de/spatialconcepts/archives/1900, Pages: 4

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