Der Einfluss der deutschen Romantik auf den Historismus

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Friedrich Trenkle
Institut für Philosophie, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, E-Mail:


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The question about the beginning of history as a science, i.e. the transformation of historiography into historical research is close connected to the appearance of historism in the nineteenth century. In particular the attainment and the remarkable feat the German historian Leopold von Ranke achieved is generally recognized as a milestone in the history of science. All in all historism founded in 19th-century Germany as well as Rankes work is scarcely conceivable without the contributions of the writers associated with German Romanticism. The following article is an attempt to show the correlation between them.


Romanticism, 19th century historiography, Jena and the early Romanticism, Foundation of historism, Wilhelm von Humboldt as an originator of historism


Friedrich Trenkle “Der Einfluss der deutschen Romantik auf den Historismus,” Journal of New Frontiers in Spatial Concepts, ISSN 1868-6648, vol. 7 (2015), 19 – 31, Article ID, Pages: 13

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