Topic “Ideal Spaces”

Jan 11th, 2017 | By | Category: Ideal Spaces, Topics

An ideal space is a space both imagined and perfected. Traditionally, an ideal space was associated with the notion of utopia, or in more broader terms, with the search for a space hoped for where humans can unfold their positive potentials and were able to lead a better life. Today, in times of globalization (also of problems), the search for an ideal space seems to be obsolete and to belong to a past. But this isn’t the case, not only as utopias are concerned. In terms of non-physical spaces, we live in many ‘ideal’ spaces, at least on a part-time base, and also the issue of the classical utopia as a space for a better community of humans has not been settled. We want to invite to investigate possible meanings of spaces considered “ideal” in both past and present, to investigate their range of appearance as well as their social relevance and impact, in particular today. In May 2018 Ideal Spaces Working Group hosted a symposium, as part of the European Cultural Centre’s Venice Biennale of Architecture programme, exploring the topic of Artificial Natures within this context of Ideal Spaces.

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