About the chapter Philosophy

Feb 9th, 2009 | By | Category: Philosophy

In the wider context of spatial concepts, we are concentrating on the philosophy of technology and the philosophy of politics. In adopting these focus areas, we want to consider the following topics: premises, forms, shapes, and consequences of the changes taking place today, and taking place very quickly.  We are interested in their starting points and their consequences in the sociopolitical, socioeconomic, as well as sociocultural realms of today’s world. We want to reflect and examine them critically. Since the onset of modernity, our occidental history of science is characterized by the tension between scientific and technical innovations on the one hand, and philosophical relection on the other. This relationship deserves closer attention, and therefore we want to focus on past and present attempts to clarify the intersection of these contrasting ways of thinking. These topics constitute our section of Philosophy.

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