About the chapter Transcultural analysis

Feb 9th, 2009 | By | Category: Transcultural analysis

This section concentrates on the cultural transfer of technology and its technique. What are the specific triggers and pathways of both technological and cultural diffusion? What influences and consequences are generated by these processes. The introduction of new technologies is not hindered by any cultural barriers but is spreading out and becoming ubiquitous. The continuum of technological innovation dispersing across the globe naturally affects spatial development inside diverse cultures. An example is the case of megacities, where international trends and modes of perception overlap with the local and historical. The result is a palimpsest of new and old, rich and poor, global and local. Cultural difference remains, but interdependencies develop. The dynamics of technological genesis and diffusion, as well as the various perceptions of ‘technique’, and in particular of technically moulded spaces, inside the different cultural areas, are topics to be dealt with in the section of Transcultural Analysis.

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