The Field Concept in Psychology, Gestalt Theory, Physics, and Epic Theatre – Brecht’s Adaptations of Kurt Lewin

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In the first half of the 20th century, the field concept was part of theoretical and methodological innovations in physics, gestalt theory as well as epic theatre as introduced by Bertolt Brecht. Another reference is the psychology of Kurt Lewin. In what ways Brecht took notice of Lewin’s research, especially his demand of a transition from Aristotelian to Galileian thought is reconstructed within the context of paradigm shifts fostered by logical empiricism, gestalt theory and physics. Lewin’s argumentation of an advanced understanding of the lawfulness of societal and psychological processes is placed in the center and traced back as an inspiration to Brecht’s writings. Vice versa, the article investigates in what ways Brecht’s theoretical writings and adaptations of Lewin’s approach can be reconsidered as a source for psychological theorizing.

Die Macht des geografischen Raums – Auch nach gut hundert Jahren sind Halford J. Mackinders Aussagen zum „geografischen Drehpunkt der Geschichte“ von überraschend politischer Relevanz

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The English geographer Sir Halford Mackinder ended his famous 1904 article, “The Geographical Pivot of History,” with a disturbing reference to China. He posited that the Chinese, should they expand their power well beyond their borders, “might constitute the yellow peril to the world’s freedom.” Leaving aside the sentiment’s racism, which was common for the era, nearly a hundred years ago Mackinder’s statement gives us a surprising view of enormous political actuality in geopolitics, which was denied for a couple of decades in Western Europe, especially in Germany.

Ralf Dahrendorf zum Gedächtnis

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The article commemorates the late liberal German sociologist, politician, Director of the LSE, and Member of the House of Lords, Lord Ralf Darendorf (1929-2009), focussing on his major writings, political career, and influence on intellecual debate since the 1960.

Autobahn-Landschaftsbild: Die Niederlande als geschütztes Landschaftsartefakt

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The paper comments on efforts of the Dutch federal Dept. of Infrastructure to preserve scenic highway landscape views in the Netherlands.

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