Transhumanismus und Posthumanismus – Ein Überblick Oder: Der schmale Grat zwischen Utopie und Dystopie

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The essay gives a detailed and selective overview over the discussion of transhumanism and posthumanism, taking account of the most influential authors’ impact on the movement. Their most important texts are bound to mark the scientific development of posthumanistic and transhumanistic concepts. Examples taken from literature, film and artistic performance show their impact in public, being both enriched by the scien-tific approach and guiding also the latter.

Künstliche Intelligenz in Literatur und Film – Fiktion oder Realität?

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The article deals with the idea of artificial people in literature and film, using examples from the literature and the history of film it is shown that the idea of artificial people has always existed. With the increase of technical innovations, more and more scenarios developed by artificial people, to the formation of the idea of the cyborg.


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In the following, a new conceptual framework for investigating nowadays’ “technical” phenomena shall be introduced, that of formats. The thesis is that processes of formatting account for our recent conditions of life, and will do so in the very next future. It are processes whose foundations have been laid in modernity and which will further unfold for the time being. These processes are embedded in the format of the value chain, a circumstance making them resilient to change. In addition, they are resilient in themselves since forming interconnected systems of reciprocal causal circuits.Which leads to an overall situation that our entire “Lebenswelt” became formatted to an extent we don’t fully realize, even influencing our very percep-tion of it.

Beyond Humanisms

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In the first part of this paper a short history of Western humanisms (Socrates, Pico della Mirandola, Descartes, Kant) is presented. As far as these humanisms rest on a fixation of the ‘humanum’ they are metaphysical, although they might radically differ from each other. The second part deals with the present debate on trans- and posthumanism in the context of some breath-taking developments in science and technology.
Angeletics, a theory of messengers and messages, intends to give an answer to the leading question of this paper, namely: ‘what does it mean to go beyond humanisms?’ The conclusion exposes briefly an ethics of hospitality and care from an angeletic perspective.

No Place (No) Where – Voyages on Crossing Lines

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This article elaborates on the notion of place that is not linked to a specific destination or goal, but an experience through the act of wandering and wondering, actions and interactions, but most importantly through the use of one’s own individual senses.

Topic “Posthuman Age”

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For many, after the era of a so-called post-modern age, that of a posthuman one seems to have emerged. Due to an ever-increasing entanglement of the human domain with various fields of the technological, for those who postulate that post-human era an entirely new epoch of history has begun. It is conceived as an epoch marked by an encompassing integration of the human and the technological and through that, leading not just to a new historical epoch to be added to all those others already passed by but to a new kind of history – the posthuman.

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