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Identifikationsmerkmal Automobil bzw. Identifikation und Nutzen. Die theoretisch-emotionale Bedeutung des Autos

Jun 22nd, 2009 | By | Category: Mobility, Sociohistorical analysis, Topics

The time when a car was used for the purpose of transportation only has probably never been. After its invention when such a machine was still hard to handle the thoughts about cars quickly moved from dangerous devils that should never be used to objects of freedom, safety and speed. They expressed wealth, status and independence and people started not only to want a car but soon enough also to differentiate between brands, models and styling. Now the question is not only how the car influenced modern life but also what the car – including its meaning and general understanding which it developed over the past – made of people. How much does a person identify with the own car, which is far more than just property?

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