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Phänomenologie des Raumes bei Descartes und Husserl

Sep 28th, 2010 | By | Category: Philosophy

In this text, spatiality will be discussed from a philosophical point of view, in examining the positions of Descartes and Husserl. On the one hand, the philosophy of Descartes marks the beginning of the modern era. Next to Francis Bacon, he is the one to pave the way for the upcoming sciences, especially physics, by an analytical geometry that roots in his philosophy. On the other hand, Husserl shall be examined,a quite different approach to spatiality than the one employed by Descartes. Because Husserl’s phenomenology centers upon the analysis of experience,intending that the objects themselves shall “tell” us what they are. Both approaches became influential for attempts to comprehend spatiality, since other conceptions to follow are referring to them.

KIT Scientific Publishing, Karlsruhe | Journal of New Frontiers in Spatial Concepts | ISSN 1868-6648