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Über literarische Öffentlichkeit

Mrz 11th, 2013 | By | Category: New Forms of the Social, Sociohistorical analysis, Topics

The public has received substantial interpretation pursuant to its function as counterpart to the political development. Following the speaker’s projection, the parliament and the public sphere form an alliance. Literature has been understood all the time as its mediation and realization alike. What remains open, is the very question how the “focus of the public” (Ch.Taylor) is created and to be maintained. In four steps it is explained according to the primary hypothesis that human consciousness relies upon a polar foundation. The first introduces both parts of literary consciousness, the individual and the collective, in relation to truth capability. The second exhibits in an empirical sense the intricacies of polar consciousness as related to varieties of manifestation and peripeteian emphasis. The third relies upon poetological theory in order to explain how collective consciousness and the text are interconnected. Finally the fourth takes novel theory and interpretation (N.Miller) as point of departure for final application and overall summary.

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