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Fortschritt als Fraktur im frühen Science Fiction Film. Metaphorologische Überlegungen zu Auf- und Einbrüchen in LE VOYAGE DANS LA LUNE und LE VOYAGE À TRAVERS L`IMPOSSIBLE von G. Méliès

Sep 24th, 2009 | By | Category: Mobility, Topics, Transcultural analysis

Fantasies of man travelling into space form a main part of the popular movie genre ‘Science Fiction’. These celluloid visions are not only fantasies of improving transport, they also convey a meaning in a figurative sense. They can be seen as a modern adoption of one of humanities oldest metaphors, ‘life as a sea fare voyage’: the meaning, which was once expressed by this ‘nautical metaphor’, has been transferred and can nowadays be found in films, which show astro-nauts crossing the frontier from known space into the unknown space. In order to conclude on their attitude towards technological progress in the early 20th century, the two oldest space travel movies, Le Voyage dans la Lune (F 1902) and Le Voyage a Travers L’Impossible (F 1904) will be analyzed.

Formatting and Loss of Space – Considerations (including Annex Typing & Loss)

Mai 25th, 2009 | By | Category: Spatial concepts

Considerations about spatial concepts today have to take into account the actual ongoing loss of space. And of how such a process is able to generate a multitude of new spaces, at the same time. What both kind of processes, juxtaposed as they are, have in common, and what their relation to still another kind of processes is, namely such of formatting, of willingly creating and simulataneously, unwillingly generating a multitude of formats existing in parallel to each other which impact our everyday lifes, and which rest upon basic assumptions about ‘space’ and ‘reality’ in general. Related to these processes is a loss of space, in actual terms.

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