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Transhumanismus und Posthumanismus – Ein Überblick Oder: Der schmale Grat zwischen Utopie und Dystopie

Mai 16th, 2013 | By | Category: Posthuman age, Sociohistorical analysis, Topics

The essay gives a detailed and selective overview over the discussion of transhumanism and posthumanism, taking account of the most influential authors’ impact on the movement. Their most important texts are bound to mark the scientific development of posthumanistic and transhumanistic concepts. Examples taken from literature, film and artistic performance show their impact in public, being both enriched by the scien-tific approach and guiding also the latter.

Künstliche Intelligenz in Literatur und Film – Fiktion oder Realität?

Mrz 20th, 2012 | By and | Category: Posthuman age, Sociohistorical analysis, Topics

The article deals with the idea of artificial people in literature and film, using examples from the literature and the history of film it is shown that the idea of artificial people has always existed. With the increase of technical innovations, more and more scenarios developed by artificial people, to the formation of the idea of the cyborg.

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