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Virtuelle Gemeinschaften. Neue Formen menschlicher Begegnung oder deren Verfallsform?

Mrz 11th, 2013 | By | Category: New Forms of the Social, Sociohistorical analysis, Topics

Nowadays technical devices are used for communication between humans. Communicating by using tech-nical devices effects the way people are co-existing. Does that convey the experience of community, does it maybe lead us to new forms of communities? Or as we rely on technology and the opportunities offered thereby, do we lose the possibility to find people sharing our lives? The article offers the chance to find points of reference framing these essential questions.

Von Neuromancer zu Second Life. Raumsimulationen im Cyberspace

Jul 18th, 2011 | By | Category: Spatial concepts, Spatial Cybernetics, Topics

In his novel Neuromancer, first published in 1984, the US-american author William Gibson coined the term cyberspace for the virtual reality generated by computers. On the basis of an etymological analysis this term can be interpreted as the traditional relation between helmsman and space. In the medium of sci-fi-literature and sci-fi-film this phenomenon of cyberspace changed rapidly between 1980 and today. In early examples, for instance in the film Tron produced in 1982, the virtual figures act in a disintegrated space without any destination or orientation. In later examples, for instance in the film Matrix produced in 1999, the cyberspace becomes a substitute world for a dark, chaotic or destructive vision of reality. Contemporary forms of cyberspace, as visualized in the 3D-online-city Second Life, are in contrast used for financial activities and symbolize the hard world of economic policy. This development of cyberspace can be seen either as an evolutionary process or a dichotomy primary defined by different facets of space simulation in virtual reality.

Erkenntnisgewinnn durch Virtuelle Realitäten

Nov 9th, 2009 | By | Category: Evolution, Spatial concepts, Topics

Virtual reality will gain a more and more important role in our everyday life. So it is very important to understand fully the impact and influence virtual reality will have on or view of the world. This article reveals that the interdependencies between the real space and the virtual space are much more subtle and profound then on first sight. Especially the value of several mathematical, physical and biological models and simulation methodologies will be reestimated by the use of virtual reality in the long term. As an example the article describes the historical chain from quaternions to quaoaring and how this may lead to a paradigm change in biology.

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